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Nakuru Farmer Call Center is a technology driven initiative to enable Nakuru farmers access fast hand information on sustainable farming practices from agricultural experts via Short Message Service (SMS), WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and calls, complementing the work of agricultural extension officers in the area.


Nakuru Farmers Call Centre was founded in 2018 to fill the gap left by a shortage of extension officers. The call centre aims at upscaling/enhancing the delivery of agriculture extension advisory services to the farming community in Nakuru and beyond using ICT in agriculture extension. Inadequate access to agricultural information that is critical in building their extension information along various agricultural value chains, has resulted in unsustainable production and consumption practices which have continued to impact negatively on the environment.
Productivity and profitability in most agricultural value chains have remained low over the years largely due to low extension to farmer ratio. According to Nakuru County MOALF Annual Extension report 2019, the current extension staff to farmer ratio 1:1400 against the World Bank recommendation of 1:400 consequently leading to inadequate extension service delivery and a gap in research innovations and technologies dissemination which necessitated the Nakuru County Government through the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Veterinary services to initiate the Nakuru Farmers Call Centre Innovation (NFCC,2020) to enhance digitalization of extension services.


To spearhead in the provision of Professional Agriculture Extension Advisory services to Farmers in Nakuru County and beyond by use of digital platforms.

Timely response to Farmers queries in crops, Livestock and Fisheries and linking them to the department ‘s agriculture extension professionals both at County, Sub-County and Ward level and other stakeholders in the agriculture value Chains.

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