Magdalene Mbutu’s farm

2019 NFCC had a meeting with WWF Team in Naivasha with a team from WWF Panda Labs that deals with innovations.  had a farm visit at Ndabibi Naivasha to farmer Magdalene Mbutu’s farm who is practicing Sustainable Consumption and Production practices a project implemented by WWF and Agriculture officers in Naivasha. The Farmer has managed to harvest her tomato in the greenhouse for 8months and she has sold ksh.186,000 and has spent ksh.25,000 during production, she collects 25eggs per day, she has fruits, vegetables, honey all which she is generating income. She is a farmer to be emulated by many other smallholder farmers. WWF team visiting Nakuru Farmers Call Centre tomorrow for further deliberations on sms platform among other areas.
  • Category : Farmer
  • Date : April 8, 2021